SIP Software for Intellectual Property GmbH is one of the leading providers for company-wide patent monitoring and research solutions

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SIP develops software and databases for research, distribution, analysis and evaluation of patent portfolios in companies

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Search4ip, one of the world's biggest and fastest patent databases, developed and run by SIP is the foundation for research, patent monitoring and legal status monitoring

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SIP offers solutions for researchers and companies. As a researcher you use the stand-alone versions. Within a company you would like to monitor the competition with multiple users from various locations? The Invention Navigator Portable solution works as stand-alone version and in combination with the Knowledge Network it offers a company-wide solution providing you with the perfect work environment. Analysis and statistics complement the offer.

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According to the requirements SIP solutions are applicable with local databases (In-House Archive) as well as with completely hosted versions. continue reading

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For all users (patent professionals, patent strategists, R&D, researchers) within a company SIP offers the suitable Invention Navigator software version.
software versions

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Legal status and family monitoring: You can monitor changes in patents' legal status or or family members directly from our homepage or via the Inav Knowledge Network.

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Used by companies of all sizes, researchers and patent attorneys since 1999.


We are happy to inform you on our homepage about our products for patent research, patent monitoring, legal status monitoring and keep you up to date with new developments and important changes in the patent data and research sector.  Subscribe to our RSS feed for all news.

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full patent document (PDF) download problems

Due to technical problems at the European Patent Office, original documents can be shown only limited at the moment. We are already in contact with the European Patent Office due to this matter. DE, EP and WO documents and parts of documents from your network should be available again from 13.30 hours today.

As soon as we have more information, we will let you know over our website.

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Problems regarding Umlauts in German data

At the moment we are receiving bibliographic data of current German publications with mistakes in the umlauts. The European Patent Office is working to rectify these errors. As soon as this problem is solved by our provider, the German texts will be available in the Invention Navigator in the usual quality. We are sorry for any inconvenience.


Invention Navigator Portable 2.2.24 with new and improved features

We are happy to announce the release of the Invention Navigator Portable Version (31.3.2014). Changes and new options in the Knowledge Network, extended export features and comfortable applicant grouping are just a few examples of the new functions. 

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Amendment to German Patent Act

The German Bundestag has adopted the draft of the law on the amendment of patent law rules and other laws of intellectual property.

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China and Korea plan using CPC to classify new patents

The Chinese patent office starts classifying patents in selected technical fields from January 2014.  Korea and USPTO have started a pilot to classify korean patents using CPC.

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